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TWO MONTHS since my last post, internets.  TWO MONTHS.  I am not going to apologize for my dereliction of duty because a) let’s be honest, couldn’t we all tell where my next few posts were going to go (policy lab) and b) Tushar and Laura were such a breath of fresh air around here.  I mean, how many times can you say “I got up, I went to work, I went to school, I met with my group, I finally got home, I did more research, and I napped a couple of hours”??  It sounds unbelievable to me and that pretty well sums up my life from January through June.

Wait?! That’s now!  Yes, yes, it is, and as my full-time colleagues Tushar and Laura are off working for their summer, I am proceeding with other mostly-part time students into another course.  In my case: Economics for Management and Policy.  I asked friends for snack recommendations, as I am trying to avoid plying myself with even more rice pudding, and one vet of this course advised “chocolates filled with vodka”, which was just about the most encouraging pep talk you could ask for.  Spot on, too, because the logistical challenge of this course isn’t coordinating five people’s schedules and snagging meeting rooms (to say nothing of coming up with quality work that is actually useful to your client), it is concentrating intently for four hours one night weekly, plus another two hours on another evening, making notes on economic policy and how to find the slope of a line.

It is not a total shock that I actually find this quite interesting–while I pride myself on being an outside of the box thinker, the beauty of a class like this following policy lab is that it feels so eminently logical that I am finding much to engage me in marathon reading sessions.  Also, this will be over rather quickly, and so the one-month-until-completion of my first year countdown is ON, people.

A good thing, too, because one painful bit of evidence as to how exhausted I am can be found reading through my posts this year, and seeing writing errors and cliche usage that makes me very, very sad.  Case and point: “I am an outside of the box thinker!”

Right.  I am also a creative dresser who shops at the Gap.  What a weak way to make a point, and I am trying to eke out the homeworks and assignments left this term so that I can join my colleagues who have embarked on The Summer of Greatness.

Just as soon as I graph these curves…



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