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Greetings, readers, I am writing you from a Milano computer lab while some of us await our whole class to complete our economics final.  I am nervous about this since it felt like it went well which could portend badly for my results, but the important thing for the moment is: Year One is now FINISHED for all three of us bloggers.

Taking Economics during the summer has been an intense experience just in terms of the workload; while I found the subject matter interesting, it’s been a challenge to keep up with the reading and studying since we keep such a fast pace in this course.  You are moving what feels like triple time.  However, I do feel like it was manageable and a good use of a summer course as a part-time student, since it frees me up to take other courses this fall/spring, as well as completes the prerequisite for me as I enter more finance courses this coming year.

I also offer, to those of you with little to no undergraduate math or Economics experience that I did not find the course too overwhelming in either regard; I was pleased to discover that I remembered more than I forgot from long-ago math courses, and got very into the conceptual aspect of Econ which I know will serve me in good stead going forward.

We made it!  Now I am off to a much-needed summer break to recharge my batteries before we return for the fall term, and I am excited to join Laura and Tushar on some adventures in the Summer of Greatness.

In the short term, I am heading to visit with friends and family over a couple of weekends, and to enjoy writing, reading and thinking about places other than graduate school for a few weeks.




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