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Welcome to all of the incoming Milano students!

I was lucky enough to help out this week with new student orientation. Thanks to many of my fellow classmates (Tanya, Johanna, Julian, Rachel, Galina, Amy, Eugene, Tushar, Steve, Marie, Eric, Shana, Sally, Evelyn, Analia, Dania, Bryan, Christine, Ritu, Helen, Vicki and others) all new students who were in town were able to get an proper welcome to Milano and New York City. I enjoyed meeting two new students at our Dutch Treat lunch at Artichoke Pizza (woo-hoo to Jimmy and Ilana!) and many other students at our informal happy hour. My favorite event of the week was the Student-to-Student potluck dinner. For this event many of the continuing students mentioned above cooked and prepared delicious food for a potluck dinner held at 65 5th Avenue on the 7th floor. It was wonderful to chat with all students (new and old) while enjoying home cooked GermanĀ  potato salad, summer bean/corn salad, chocolate chip cookies and generous amounts of beans and rice! The event was so successful that many of the attendees trickled over to Bar 13 to continue getting to know each other and catch up. I am happy to say that I was inspired by these fun events and truly look forward to the beginning of the semester!


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Winding Down

For those of you counting down the days until the Fall semester starts, there are 13 days. Lucky ol’ 13. Somehow I feel like I’m already behind in my classes though… I have intermittently been working on some “summer assignments” but I’ve been busy interning full-time at a nonprofit consulting firm until recently. Two of my client-based classes this semester require some pre-class readings which I am more than happy to do. Since I enjoy reading about social entrepreneurs and ways to change the world anyway, it hardly seems like work. However, now that I realize there are less than two weeks left of summer, I need to start transitioning from my sun-drenched mind to the colorful leaves of the coming autumn.

I recently spent a few weeks back in my home state of Iowa, which was the perfect end to a summer working in the city. In my two weeks in the Hawkeye state I sat around many a fire pit roasting marshmallows, jet skied on Lake Rathbun, rode a tandem bicycle, drove a 1940’s tractor with no power steering, bailed hay with my grandfather, swam in pools and lakes, visited a Danish winery in Elk Horn, Iowa, went to an actual haunted house, enjoyed a beautiful wedding, photographed the green, rolling hills of The Heartland, counted the stars in the sky and spent time with family and friends that have been missed over the past year (a special shout-out to my special BFF Brendon Persaud!). Coming back to the noisy, gritty, enormous city took only a few minutes for me to overcome. Once I returned, I realized how much I have accomplished and been inspired by over the past year at Milano. I can’t wait to start the next (and final) year!

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