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Semester’s End

As I write this, I am breathing a long, hard sigh of relief. I have finished my 3rd semester at Milano,  and it was by far the most intense. But with hard work, comes great rewards. For each final exam you take, and each final paper you turn in, don’t forget to reflect on how much you have actually learned. (Even if it was just Econ and you learned more than you ever wanted about Adam Smith.)

I am sitting in the Milwaukee airport right now, waiting for my connecting flight back home to Iowa. Snow, trees, rollings hills, friends, family, and a lot of relaxing await me, and I’m looking forward to it more than I realized. Now that I’ve had the chance to take a breath, and NOT think about business plans, SROI, budgets, cultural policies, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Power Points, New School ID cards, the burning hot computer lab, I can concentrate on many more important things– like securing a job for after graduation…. Grad school is great, but having a short break from grad school is even greater.

Congrats to all for finishing and have a wonderful break! Take some time to catch up on those Mad Men episodes you missed and sleep in as much as you can. I know I will.



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