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No matter how well prepared I feel I am prepared for an interview there always seems to be one or two questions that take me be surprise. Recently, I had the opportunity to do a first round phone interview for an organization that I have high regard for and would love to work for. The interview was going well … and then the interviewer asked how is the job search going. Arguably an innocuous question, but once you consider the possible answers it becomes a bit of a conundrum. If I answered ‘fine’ then the question arises why are you looking at our org then, and if I answered truthfully “could be going better” it comes off as I am a bit embittered which makes me less of an employable option. While I stumbled through this question, there is a resource I go to time and time again to prep for interviews:

60 Seconds and You’re Hired

One of the things I like about this book is the section on tough interview questions. It generally helps and on several occasions I have been asked questions from this section in interviews. I also like to review the section on questions to ask. I usually have done a fair amount of research on the org and the interviewer so I have a bad habit of having no questions to ask. This section gives me go to questions to ask … regardless if I know the answer already.


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