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Special Announcement from Kristen on behalf of myself and Eulalia: we are fine, we are just really, really, extremely, happily, very, busy and while we love all of you, we haven’t had time to write about all of our fabulous adventures over the past month. We’re sorry, but not as sorry as we’d be if things weren’t going well.

Soon, we’ll post and try to make some amends to get out of the Bloggers Doghouse.  Seriously, who knew people actually read this?  Kidding aside, thank you for your concerned emails and notes and in-person cajoling.  Much appreciated.

Eulalia and I ran into each other the other day and chatted about this (this = our blogging delinquence) and just started laughing, because, well, what else are we to do?  This has been a very exhausting, invigorating, inspiring, and provocative term so far.  I am close to finally having a “schedule” for it, in fact.  In November.  Which means my to-do list from August is now finally finished.  In November.  Good news: I went ahead and just wrote a new list FOR November, so now I am WAY AHEAD on things like “getting a PDR client” or “my public finance midterm preparation”.  For the record, that is what we call “spin”.

I am still reading, hearing and thinking about many new ideas and skills and reflecting upon or refining some old ones.  My fellowship is finally (fingers crossed!) going to begin later this week and it looks like things are going in a good direction there; my campus job keeps me busy but feeling helpful; my classes remain interesting; every week my post-unemployment “transition” is closer to being finished and I become more articulate later into the evening.  (Here’s a “happy problem” to be aware of, you other long-term unemployed folk: when you re-enter a work routine, you may feel as though you have been hit by a truck regardless of how busy you have kept yourself.  I was running a few miles per day, practicing yoga, writing, etc, etc., and I still became a frighteningly gifted impersonator of a Valley Girl by my 6 p.m. classes. That is easing. Now I just sound like one after 7:30.)

Here’s to more of the same great fall term greatness! (But with more blogging.)

Kristen (and Eulalia)


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