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I set a bad example

I am a terrible student, and an even more terrible blogger- completely MIA all semester!  Now that it’s finals time, blogging=procrastination!  I am sitting on the second floor of Arnhold Hall (I feel like the only person that knows the actual names of the buildings), trying to finish a paper/website that’s due for my Human Rights and Media class.  Tomorrow.


I am indeed an excellent procrastinator.  However, I have one project fully completed!  Tonight was the final meeting of my Producing Short Form Documentaries class where we screened our final films.  I went through 4 edits of this film just from Friday alone!  It is finally completed though, and in a place that I feel happy about.  My brother (who the film is based on) said it was good (I think that was about edit 1 or 2), which makes me happy.


PDPM is also (mostly) done.  Such a relief.  As much as it was a useful process to learn about, the class itself was, in short, boring.  I like Chris as a person, I think he’s really nice and definitely knows what he’s talking about.  It’s the subject material itself that makes it unbearable.  As someone who has about zero interest in policy, it was close to impossible to read 30 page report after 30 page report.  I’ll be glad when the class is done and I can actually start on my practicum for next semester- global video letters!  More about that at a later point.


I suppose I should go back to work, but if anyone is looking for even more procrastination tools, check out the film here!



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